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ImageChloé Laubu (2015-2018)
Adaptive value of personality and emotional states: heuristics and decision making in sexual context in a monogamous fish
Supervisors: F.-X. Dechaume-Moncharmont and Philippe Louâpre





ImageAlice Charalabidis (2014-2017)
Effect of inter-individual variability and intraguild interferences on the foraging strategies of seed-eating carabid species
Supervisors: David Bohan, Sandrine Petit and F.-X. Dechaume-Moncharmont





ImageMatthias Galipaud (2009-2012)
Mating strategies and resulting patterns in mate guarding crustaceans: an empirical and theoretical approach
Supervisors: Loïc Bollache and F.-X. Dechaume-Moncharmont.
Current position: post-doc in Hanna Kokko's group, department of evolutionary biology, university of Zurich, Switzerland




ImageKarine Monceau (2006-2009)
Ecology of the Zenaida dove in the Barbados Island
Supervisors: Frank Cézilly and F.-X. Dechaume-Moncharmont.
Current position: lecturer in the university of La Rochelle and Centres d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (CEBC)


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